Default Router Username and Passwords List

Have you ever tried to change your Wi-Fi Settings? If Yes, then you had to log in with the Default Router Passwords. At times we may not remember our router’s default login details, here through this article we present you a list of Default Router Passwords. Thus you can easily access and adjust your Wi-Fi Settings.

Default Router Passwords

You can find the default router login details using the below list. Otherwise, you can also have a look at the user manual of your router to get the exact Default Router Passwords. Note that you should always change your router’s default password and Wi-Fi Settings to avoid people having unrestricted access to it.

Here is the list of the default login details of the most widely used routers.

Router Name Username and Password
3Com admin, admin
Belkin admin, admin
BenQ admin, admin
D-Link admin, admin
Digicom admin, Michelangelo
Linksys admin, admin
Netgear admin, password
Sitecom sitcom, admin
Thomson user, user
US Robotics admin, admin
Asus admin, admin
Synology admin, admin
Arris admin, password

The above-given tabular contains all the basic router model’s default login details. For more info on Default Router Username and Passwords visit our site here.

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